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Team Update
by posted 05/26/2022


Couple of things I need to cover:

1) Our next practice is Wednesday June 1.

2) Our Jamboree is Sunday June 5

3) We are in the CVGYL playoffs so we have at least one more game between June 6 - 8........We win, we keep playing.  Once I have the details, I will let everyone know.


Senior Jamboree Schedule June 5 2022




11:10- 11:35





Pride v Storm

(H)      (A)


Pride v. Brave

(H)          (A)

Pride v. Fight

(H)        (A)


Caged Field

Fight  v. Brave

(H)         (A)


Fight v. Storm

(H)        (A)

Storm v. Brave

(H)         (A)


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Game Tonight @ Simsbury
by posted 05/23/2022


Game tonight at Simsbury...Iron Horse Field.....Same location as last time.

Wear Black and try to be there by 6:00 so we can warm up.


Let me know if you won't be there.



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Game Tomorrow Moved to 11:30
by posted 05/21/2022


Our game tomorrow is now at 11:30.  Wear White but be prepared to change quickly if needed.

It will be hot so we will make needed adjutments to timing and breaks to make it bearable.


If you won't be there, let us know.


Thank You,



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Upcoming Schedule
by posted 05/18/2022


Here is the upcoming schedule:

TONIGHT:  Practice on field 9.  We should have the whole field.

SUNDAY:  Game at Hall at 1:00.  Be there at 12:40.  Wear white.

MONDAY: Game at Simsbury at 6:30.  Be there at 6:00.  Wear Black.  Game is at Iron Horse Fields (same spot as last time).


Let me know if you can't make it.

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