Required equipment at all divisions:

  • stick
  • mouthguard
  • protective eyewear (goggles)
  • West Hartford reversible jersey

Players will NOT participate in practices or games without a mouthguard and googles.

Jerseys can be ordered during registration. Junior and Senior players will also need WH shorts.

Cleats are required for Junior and Senior divisions and recommended for Instructional and Bantam.

Jewelry must removed before games. Earrings may not be taped. It is strongly encouraged that any new ear piercings wait until after the season.

GOALIES: Each team will have a set of goalie gear. We recommend that Junior/Senior CONNY and Junior/Senior A team goalies purchase their own gear, as they will be playing exclusively in net.


Spring weather is often erratic and/or unpredictable. We suggest players layer clothing and bring options during games. Players are welcome to wear items under their jerseys (long and short sleeved t-shirt, etc) providing their jersey numbers are visible. Water resistant jackets and coats are appropriate for pregame warm-ups and sidelines.


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