Youth Drills, Rules and Tips

A few training opportunities for kids and parents:

For parent's or players relatively new to lacrosse or even for ones that have been playng for years, this link is great. You can get an overview of key aspects of the game as well as download the current rule book.

Youtube videos that give great instruction and most of the terminology is what we are using on the field. Great for the players. They are mostly 2-3 minutes a piece so won't take much time. As I said ground balls and catching are two focus areas.

Ground Balls




Face Dodge

Roll Dodge

Stick Checking

Defensive Stance and Positioning

Great Wall ball workout example - Watch the whole video to see more advance skills:


Proper stance and form:

Five step arc:

GK on a one on one shooter:

GK defending shots from dodging midfielder:


Warming up the goalie:

Deck of cards:

3 Notre Dame GK drills

Crease roll GK drill:


On ball defense:

Off ball defense:

ABCDs of defense:

Double Team defense:

Defending a crease roll:



Shooting, shot fakes:

Shooting tips:

Protect your stick:

Getting out of the double team and draw a double:

Cutting into the 8M:

Midfield Cutting:

Stutter Step Dodge from Top:


Push Draw:

Pull Draw:

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